How to Set LDAC as default Bluetooth codec on Android Phones for the Best Sound Quality of ES100

Today, we would like to share a tip on how to set LDAC on your smartphone to maximize your ES100’s sonic performance. If you are using an Android phone and the OS version of the phone is 8.0 (Oreo) or more, you can enjoy high-resolution LDAC of ES100, which is the best sound quality in Bluetooth audio. What is LDAC? LDAC is an audio coding technology developed by Sony, which allows streaming audio over Bluetooth connections up to 990 kbit/s at 24 bit/96 kHz. (Wikipedia) ES100 is the first Bluetooth receiver in the world to support LDAC. For the best listening experience, we highly recommend you to set LDAC as the default Bluetooth codec in your phone. Below is an...

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HE100 Development Story

There have been huge changes in various industries including the audio field in an era of smartphones. These days, most people are listening to music by streaming on smartphones. Moreover, a smartphone performs as a very good source device supporting various external interfaces such as USB and Bluetooth. Radsone is a smartphone audio company established in 2011. With our vision to provide ‘High Quality Sound to Everyone’, we provide audio products for smartphones under our brand ‘EarStudio’. High-Resolution Bluetooth receiver ES100 is our flagship product which is consistently ranked in the top three of Amazon’s Headphone Amp section with an average of 4.4 star ratings and over 450 reviews. After testing more than 20 earphones under $200, we realized that...

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Radsone Milestones: Past, Present and Future

Are you enjoying your ES100 experience? We know you’ve been waiting for something new from us. We’ve been developing new products for the past several months. Before getting deeper into it, we would like to share a brief history of Radsone. Radsone, short for Radical Sound, is a full stack audio company with a vision to make everyone enjoy high-quality sound with ease. We believe music that deeply moves one’s heart should be delivered with high quality. In 2011, we launched ‘Radsone Hi-Res Player’, which is a high-resolution music player app. Our proprietary DCT technology, which solves fundamental digital micro noise problem, with professional EQ was integrated into the app which lead to the number one spot in 47 different...

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