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Hello fellow audiophiles!

We’ve opened up our very own online store recently and are now able to offer more reasonable price to you.

The price changes are as follows:

  • HUD100 : New Price: $139.99 (Original Price: $169)
  • HE100 : New Price: $59.99 (Original Price: $89)

*The price is based on Earstudio’s official store. It can be varied from other online marketplaces.

We, Radsone started our business in 2011 with a vision to make everyone enjoy high-quality sound with ease. We are happy that we can offer our products with more affordable price.

We will keep you posted with various promotions and updates, so please stay tuned!

Team Radsone


“HUD100 is absurdly small for the feature set, offers flexible power outputs, measures very well for a dongle, and is stuffed with impressive tech.”

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"Once these tiny earphones are placed inside my gigantic ears, the world just seems to melt away"

-> Go to see Major HiFi’s review on HE100:

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