Radsone Milestones: Past, Present and Future

Are you enjoying your ES100 experience?

We know you’ve been waiting for something new from us.

We’ve been developing new products for the past several months. Before getting deeper into it, we would like to share a brief history of Radsone.

Radsone, short for Radical Sound, is a full stack audio company with a vision to make everyone enjoy high-quality sound with ease. We believe music that deeply moves one’s heart should be delivered with high quality.

In 2011, we launched ‘Radsone Hi-Res Player’, which is a high-resolution music player app.

Our proprietary DCT technology, which solves fundamental digital micro noise problem, with professional EQ was integrated into the app which lead to the number one spot in 47 different countries’ App Store with over 1.4 million downloads.

In 2013, we provided the DCT solution to Bugs Music, one of the biggest music streaming providers in South Korea.

The next year, Radsone formed a partnership with Qualcomm. Through the partnership, our DCT technology was registered as an official IP on Qualcomm’s Bluetooth chipset.

After that, Radsone successfully provided high-resolution Bluetooth solutions to flagship products of LG Electronics and Audio-Technica.

We’ve always wanted to give users high-quality sound experience with our own product. In June 2017, we launched our brand ‘EarStudio’ and ES100, world’s first high-resolution Bluetooth receiver on Kickstarter.

Now, ES100 is consistently ranked within the top three in Amazon’s Headphone Amp section with an average of 4.4 Star Rating and over 350 reviews.

We are excited to announce that we have new products coming out soon.

In the next quarter, we will introduce true high-resolution earphones fully reproducing up to 40kHz.

In the following quarter, high-resolution Bluetooth integrated amp and USB DAC will be launched.

We will share more details on the earphones next week.

Please stay tuned!

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